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International Immigrationa and Education Consultants (iiec)  are specialized in Australian Immigration, New Zealand Immigration, Canadian Immigration, Denmark Green Card, Austria Red-White-Red card.

A high standard of living with first class working environment has always appealed majority of migrants from all around the world. The demographic shift towards old age has made shortage of workforce in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Austria and Denmark and it would continue to demand more people from all over the world to feed their high growth economy.

The education, quality of life, safety standards, quality education, healthcare facility, multidimensional culture, and natural environment has made these countries to be among the most livable places on globe. The potent economies has continued to appeal a large number of competitor work forces due to high economic growth and high employment rate.

We deal in immigration & visas including, Skilled Immigration, Business Immigration, Student Visa. Scholarships and Visit Visas.

You can definitely apply for a visa on your own without hiring the services of a migration agent, however doing so could lead to a lot of stress and frustration. Besides consuming paperwork and processes, even the slightest mistake can shatter  dreams of emigrating. We know the Immigration visa  and other visa systems inside out and with years of experience we are in better position to advise you and process your visa application.

By using our service, our customers ensure that their immigration application is without errors based on the information you enter, so to submit their applications should be processed immediately without delay, and not returned to them, which could additional cost them time and money. Our custom instructions tell our customers what they send and where to send it; You do not have to read through several pages of complicated instructions to figure this out on your own.

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