Mission Statement

In the last few years, requirements for education and immigration consultants has increased because of the advancement and increase in the number of immigration option, subject, courses and fields that are offered today by international universities.

There are a number of education consultants which offer specialized information about the subject that you would like to undertake, universities you would like to join and country where you would like to study.

International Immigration and Education Consultants (iiec) helps you choose the right path and build a bright future by channeling your talents and interest by understanding your education/immigration needs and provide you guidance to choose the right path for your and your family future.

International Immigration and Education Consultants (iiec) also helps you in meeting the requirements and formalities of the embassy or high commission of the respective country where you would like to study/immigrate. Our team of experts who are foreign qualified in immigration/international education provides you the right direction and guides you throughout the process of getting admission, acquiring visa and visiting abroad for starting your future.

Our foreign qualified and well motivated members in our offices will provide you information in the very first meeting (face to face or online) that will not only make your mind clear about all the ambiguities you may have about any abroad option.

International Immigration and Education Consultants (iiec) will also provide you the right choice for your future educational/immigration plan. Our aim is not to give you our choice of course or university or immigration but to help you find course and university and best suitable immigration option which meets the best to your needs and financial position.

Why Choose Us

  • We offer quality advise on education and immigration to our clients.
  • We provide complete set of information to clients once we interact with them so the decision-making becomes easy for them.
  • We provide consultancy services on very reasonable price as our main aim is to help people in achieving their goals.
  • Our professionally trained staff assist and advice clients on immigration options, foundation, undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional programs, admission and visa application procedures, scholarships, pre-departure guidance and post-departure assistance.

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